Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Secrets to Living a Turned on Life

Have you ever heard of Orgasmic Meditation? Recently, I watched this online event and this woman came on who has dedicated her life to teaching women and men about Orgasmic Meditation. I was floored. She even did a live demonstration of it.
The Secrets to Living A Turned On Life  

If you've never heard of her, the woman I'm speaking about is Nicole Daedone and she's the founder of a company called One Taste. Her TedX talk has been watched more than 600,000 times and she's been featured in Cosmo, Time, the New York Times, and so on.

This video interview was all about the secrets to living a turned on life.

Most of the women I know are working hard, constantly on the go, go, go (whether it's the job, the kids, the relationships, etc.) and we've lost sight of what it feels like to be turned on by life. This interview just might change your perspective a bit.

Also, you will receive a sneak peek into what a live demo is like. Holy wow. This one will blow your socks right off. You've never seen or experienced anything like it.

Here are some of the benefits of Orgasmic Meditation:
  • Increases Overall Vitality. It lights you up from the inside out.
  • Increases Overall TurnON. When you’re TurnedON, things flow.
  • Increases Energy. There’s a well of energy that lives inside of you.
  • Reduces stress & irritability.

So, go check it out. You can thank me later. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fitness Friday, Yoga

Yoga, even the name is relaxing yet strong. I don't perform a set yoga routine daily but I do enjoy adding moves into my workout and will often do a video like the one below on my "rest days".

Yoga is a great addition to anyone's routine. Yoga moves will relax and calm you mentally and physically, improve muscle tone and strength, increase flexibility, has a Lower risk of injury compared to traditional workouts, can help you loose weight, benefits breathing and lowers blood pressure, and improves your posture. What other exercise can boost all that? 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

30 Day Challenge, Come join me!

It is a new year and with that often comes goal setting, resolutions and purging of the old. The new year is often when we pledge to eat healthy, exercise and love ourselves more. Sadly according to Forbes only 8% of us are able to follow through. I certainly have had my share of failures but I have also had success at keeping some of those resolutions and goals. The biggest difference was rather or not I had formed a plan to reach the goal, shared it someone, and accepted help and support.

In 2012 I was working out 5 days a week, eating healthy and enjoying the results. In 2013 I found out I had a heart condition, was stuck in a dead in job that I allowed to make me miserable and slowly I stopped working out and began to cheat on what I ate. As the year ended I knew I wanted to get back on track, I thought of everything I had accomplished in 2012 and realized I did some amazing things with the help of my family and friends. That was the key, I had help! I started looking around online for some programs and then heard the little ding from Facebook in another tab. I clicked over and a friend posted about Betty Rocker's 30 day challenge.

The workouts are metabolic circuits designed to effortlessly shed body fat up to 38 hours after each session, they do not require any special equipment and  rely on your body weight for resistance. Betty also offers an optional free private Facebook page for everyone on the challenge to ask questions, offer support and gain motivation. Knowing all this I took the plunge and signed up. 

Are you ready to make this year the year you improve your health? Are you ready to get fit, stay motivated, find healthy recipes and have the support of an awesome team? Then join me in the 30 day challenge

Remember it is 100% free and you don't have to buy any equipment and optional exercises and tips are included for those with special medical needs/limited mobility. It doesn't matter where you are, today can be the day you start caring for yourself. 

Note: the challenge started on 1-2-14 but you only need to get in 3 days. You are not behind, we can do this!